The Saulo products - crafted from 450 million years old copper ore, carved out of Norwegian mountains.
In every piece you will find iron, copper and zink, bound in sulphuric compound.
In addition there are traces of gold, silver and other minerals which give the ore a special glow.

The Saulo products are a piece of norway, fitted in the highest quality brass. A pride in any home


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MONS-PETTER Coaster is the product SAULO sells most of. It is named after the lapp Mons Petter, who discovered the first ore in Sulitjelma. This ore made the basic for the existence of the mining comunity.   Giken is the name of SAULOs dish. The name was originally a lappish name, but was changed before it was given to a mine. SAULOs dishes are sold in various sizes, and can be used as ashtrays and for candles.

  The candle stick CHARLOTTE is named after the mine Charlotte, which has been operated since 1890. The mine is named after the wife of a Swede, who was member of the board of Sulitjelma Gruber at that time. The candlesticks can be bought separately, but are also sold as a set of three of varying heights, which is accompanied with a coaster. An exclusive present.


Anne and Sigrid are the names of the salt and pepper shakers. They are named after the daughters of the directors of Sulitjelma gruber, at the turn of the century. The sakers are named in the same tradition as the mines, whith the names of outstanding women in the mining comunity. Salt and peppershakers of stone are very spcial and decorative articles.  

The decorative plates SAGMO and SORJUS are both sold in combination stone, brass and dyed beech. A beautiful decoration in two sizes which suites every home.   HANKEN is the name of SAULOs Jewellery Box. It is named after the mining comunity Hanken. They are sold in  four sizes. An exclusive present to both ladies and gentlemen.

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